I finally retired my blog of 7 years. Unlike the last one, I have no plans of deleting it entirely. However, it will no longer be available publicly. I adopted the old template and URL because of sheer laziness. I do have plans of modifying everything, but I've been really rusty in the blogging front. Expect a complete change, though not anytime soon. I'm not even sure if my twitterfeed still works, but I don't really care much for views anyway. And yes, my blogroll is empty as of now. I'll get to that soon lol. 

I wasn't as active on my last blog compared to my first blog. From 1140 posts for two years to 445 posts for seven years, I guess I've been busy. Just as well. Randomness turned into more substantial contents. And though I don't see myself writing on a regular basis, I hope I don't degenerate even more. I am currently rekindling my love for reading by taking a break from PT-related books. 

Anyway, I'll keep this short since I am working on another entry that I hopefully finish by this week. Here's to welcoming sequels! Cheers!

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